Fissure-Expert in Mont-Tremblant

For any repair of cracks in your walls and especially in your concrete foundations, call on a professional in the field. If you live in Mont-Tremblant in the Laurentians, you can trust the company Fissures-Expert. With its experience, the latest generation equipment and a qualified team, it guarantees you a job well done. Discover in this guide the different services available to you.

Our expertise at your service

You will be able to benefit from all the expertise of Groupe Fissure Expert and see all the difference in quality existing on our repairs! For any question or repair on the cracks in your home, contact one of our experienced technicians at Groupe Fissure Expert inc.

Interior crack of foundation on concrete foundation in Mont-Tremblant

Interior foundation cracks are as large and dangerous as cracks on a wall. A diagnosis is necessary in this situation in order to discover the different causes of the appearance of cracks. Among the factors, we most often record meteorology and climate change in the region. Some cracks are not important like others. When it comes to a crack that continues to grow, the first thing to do is to contact our company. We have building engineers to respond favorably to you in Mont-Tremblant–Laurentides. The technique used in this context is the high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane to reseal your foundation cracks.

Waterproofing of foundation exterior cracks in Mont-Tremblant

Being a professional in the field, Fissure-Expert provides you with an experienced and qualified team for the repair of your exterior foundation cracks. Before starting the actual work, the group does an inspection to provide you with a quote. This allows you to get an idea about the cost of the work. Once the type of problem has been identified, the work will be done following several steps: excavation and preparation of the foundation, sealing of the crack along the entire length, installation of an elastomeric waterproofing membrane with a thickness of 60 thousandths, peripheral sealing of the membrane and finally a repositioning of the ground.

Crack repair in window corners in Mont-Tremblant

In residences, cracks are most often found in window corners or under windows. Before fixing this, it is important to find the source of the appearance of the problem. By identifying the problem, it will be easier for our company to adapt a more effective solution. Solutions include the installation of an elastomer-type waterproof membrane and high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane. The best option available to you in this city of 9646 inhabitants would be to call on our group of crack experts. Our methods for repairing cracks in window corners are very effective.

Repair of floor cracks in Mont-Tremblant

Cracks on floors are very common and the cause of their appearance is moisture or water in your home. Similarly, poor finish or installation of the slab can be a cause of cracks on the concrete slab. However, remember that it is possible to repair cracks on the concrete slab. The best choice is of course the company Fissure-Expert. The staff promises you fast and efficient work with a transferable 10-year warranty. With our experience, we offer you alternatives such as changing the slab or repairing it.

Repair of concrete joints in Mont-Tremblant

For the repair of this type of problem, we use two techniques: the injection procedure that allows a liquid to be introduced into the narrow cracks. This technique has several advantages. You get a lasting and effective result. This repair can be done throughout the year. Finally, the second repair strategy is the installation of an impermeable membrane. For best results, call on our company who will make a complete diagnosis and then determine the solutions for the repair of concrete joints.

Repair of concrete holes and honeycomb in Mont-Tremblant

Just like other crack problems, we also use the same processes. And as you can see, the repair of the holes in the concrete and honeycomb will be done thanks to the know-how of the group. It should be noted that injection is one of the techniques that are done along the concrete crack and from the bottom to the top. Afterwards, we also use the waterproof membrane installation technique. This allows water to seep into the joint and thus, the concrete joint will last much longer.

Concrete pool crack repair in Mont-Tremblant

In general, ground movements are the basis of Concrete Pool Cracks at Saint-Jovite (in Mont-Tremblant). However, by calling on our teams of experts, you can find a solution to this problem. It should be noted that the solutions are not standard, but they evolve according to each problem. With the company Fissure-Expert, the measures taken are modern to enjoy your pool. To repair pool cracks, we opt for high-pressure injection of flexible polyurethane.