Hybrid Windows


This revolutionary system, the result of the combination of PVC and aluminum, is distinguished by a robust and advanced construction, offering unprecedented flexibility in the choice of configurations and designs. It thus makes it possible to meet a multitude of aesthetic preferences thanks to a wide range of colours for finishes and exterior cladding. This fusion technology between two materials renowned for their durability and lightness, ensures not only superior resistance to the elements, but also the ability to adapt to different architectural styles, making each space unique.

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EconoFenêtres is pleased to offer you its brand new window system that mixes PVC and aluminum, marking a great advance in the window solutions sector. This innovation comes from the combination of two materials known to be both light and strong, which ensures remarkable strength while offering great flexibility in terms of design.

Solid and Advanced Design

The combination of PVC and aluminium results in windows that are both robust and lightweight, ready for outdoor conditions. This strength does not prevent design innovation: our system offers an impressive range of configurations, meeting various architectural needs without ever sacrificing quality or performance.
Robust construction, state-of-the-art technology

The PVC and aluminum window is distinguished by a robust construction that ensures superior resistance to the outside elements. Thanks to this robustness, it offers increased durability and reliable protection for your interior space.

Advanced Technology

Thanks to advanced technology, these windows offer unprecedented flexibility and adaptability. PVC and aluminium profiles are designed to fit different architectural styles, making each space unique and personalised.

  1. Flexibility and Adaptability:
    Resistance to the Elements Ability to adapt to different architectural styles
  2. Customization and Design:
    Wide range of colours for finishes Choice of configurations and designs

This combination of PVC and aluminum combines durability and lightness to offer modern and elegant windows that fit perfectly into your living space, while allowing a wide variety of aesthetic options.

Design flexibility of ALU/PVC windows

Configuration Options

PVC and aluminum windows offer unprecedented flexibility in configurations. Whether it’s for sliding, sash, casement or awning windows, the possibilities are endless to adapt to all needs and desires. The combination of these two materials allows for tailor-made customization, ensuring perfect integration into any space.

Aesthetic preferences

PVC and aluminium windows offer a wide range of colours for finishes and exterior cladding, offering the freedom to choose the design that perfectly matches each architectural style. Whether you prefer classic, understated finishes or bright, bold colours, these windows blend seamlessly into any décor.

With endless possibilities for customization, PVC and aluminum windows offer the freedom to create unique and original spaces. Whether for a contemporary residence, a historic building or a renovation project, these windows adapt to all aesthetic preferences to enhance any environment and make it exceptional.

Performance advantages of our windows

Superior resistance to the elements

PVC and aluminum windows offer exceptional resistance to the most extreme weather and weather conditions. Thanks to the combination of these two high-quality materials, these windows guarantee long-lasting protection against wind, rain, snow and sunlight. Their robust construction ensures optimal insulation, thus contributing to significant energy savings.

Adaptability to architectural styles

The great versatility of PVC and aluminum windows makes them an ideal choice for all types of architecture, whether modern, traditional or contemporary. Their innovative design allows them to adapt harmoniously to different styles of buildings, from the most classic to the most avant-garde. With a variety of configurations and finishes available, these customizable windows add a touch of elegance to every construction project, creating unique and refined spaces.

The ability of these windows to adapt to a multitude of architectural styles makes them a preferred choice for architects and designers wishing to add a distinctive touch to their creations. Thanks to the wide range of colours and finishes on offer, it is possible to play with contrasts, textures and shapes to create indoor and outdoor spaces that are both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Customization Options

Wide color gamut

The extensive color palette available for PVC and aluminum windows offers an endless variety of options to match your openings with the aesthetics of your space. From classic crisp white to bolder, contemporary hues, each shade is carefully created to complement your lifestyle and decorative preferences.

Finishes and choice of exterior trims

The finishes and choice of exterior cladding for PVC and aluminum windows allow for even more customization of your openings. From sleek, sleek finishes to textured, sculptural trims, every detail is thought out to harmonize with the surrounding architecture and highlight the uniqueness of your space.

With special attention paid to durability and lightweight materials, exterior finishing and cladding options not only provide a polished aesthetic, but also enhanced protection from weather and exterior damage, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your windows for years to come.

A revolutionary marriage of solidity and elegance

The system combining PVC and aluminium for the manufacture of windows is truly revolutionary. This unique combination brings a construction that is both robust and advanced, offering unparalleled flexibility to adapt to a variety of configurations and designs. The possibilities are endless, allowing the most diverse aesthetic preferences to be met thanks to a wide range of colours for finishes and exterior cladding.

This marriage between two materials renowned for their durability and lightness ensures not only exceptional resistance to the exterior elements, but also the ability to adapt to a multitude of architectural styles. Each space equipped with these windows becomes unique, benefiting from a perfect combination of solidity and elegance, thus offering unparalleled comfort and aesthetics for the occupants.